Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sindragosa fight shows promise

Sindragosa fight shows promise

I found myself as the 10th man in a guild run shooting to down Sindragosa. I had read about the fight and watched videos on it, but actually being there is another thing.

For instance, it's easy to know that you have to run out of her Blistering Cold blast radius whenever she sucks you in with Icy Grip, but actually turning around and running out of range fast enough is much more difficult.

We decided to run back onto the stairs after she pulled us, but I have a hard time turning around and hauling my hooves up the stairs. Even with Tuskarr's Vitality, I couldn't get out of the way fast enough. On the last few tries, I started just running to the other side of Sindragosa to get out of the blast radius and then rejoining the group later. Sure, I didn't get to heal much doing all that running, but at least I could stay alive that way.

Other than running from her Blistering Cold, I didn't have many problems with the fight. Staying to the dragon's side always seems like a good idea any time I see one. Hiding behind frozen people reminded me of Sapphiron . While I didn't do that fight often, I had plenty of practice line-of-sighting Forgemaster Garfrost's Permafrost.

The group consistently got to Phase 3, even if I didn't make it that long on the first couple tries, but we couldn't seal the deal.
Even though we didn't make it out of there with phat lootz, I learned a lot about the fight and should be able to best her the next time I'm in there.

Monday, May 17, 2010

ICC progress report

Rotface is down.

Our casual guild finally made it through Putricide's other creation.
We didn't have any problems taking down the first four encounters plus Festergut, but Rotface stopped us dead. We gave him half a dozen tries the first night, and about that many more on the second night and we got him down.

Some may complain about the repair bill, but I enjoyed learning, troubleshooting and finally getting the fight down. Since ours is a casual guild, I know that others have accomplished this faster, but for us, this is a great achievement.

After downing him, we decided to take a few shots at his creator, but that didn't go so well. But at least I saw the fight, so I can read up on the strats more and it will mean something.

And just for fun, we decided to take a stab at the Dreamwalker encounter. As a healer, I was pumped for trying this one out, since the encounter calls for the dragon to be healed 6 million hps before completion. That's another fight that I will have to read up on because me and two other healers were only able to get her healed about 1.1 million hps before we wiped.

Obviously we have some more learning to do, but I have to admit I enjoyed fighting our way to the Lich King.

I hope to see him sooner than later.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Malygos Must Die

While this isn’t as exciting as Rahana downing the Lich King, but I’m happy to report that I was able to PuG my way through Malygos the other day.

I had gotten the key for the place out of Naxx a while ago, but only used it once before. Back before ToC came out, I tried it with a PuG, but we couldn’t make it past Phase 2 before the group fell apart.

This time, I ran with a group wanting to complete [Malygos Must Die]. Actually, I was surprised to see a group looking for that quest. This was the first time it came up as a random weekly raid quest since I restarted my account.

I knew enough to stay at the dragon’s side and I remembered reading about staying in the bubbles on Phase 2, but just before Phase 3, my computer bugged out on me and I died to his Deep Breath (I think, my computer seemed to think it was the ideal time to run an HP update).

Instead of half the group leaving after we wiped on the first try, we just talked about what we needed to change. (I still find it odd that some people like to hang out on a dragon’s tail.) Luckily, the group listened to the raid leader, (not me, I had no idea what I was doing) stayed to the sides of the dragon, moved to the biggest bubbles in Phase 2 and got the right rotation down on Phase 3 on our third try.

In the end, it wasn't too painful and I was glad to get that one out of the way.

Afterward, I also realized I received the [Champion of the Frozen Wastes] achievement out of the deal, so I had even more reason to celebrate.

Next step: find a way to PuG my way to Arthas' throne.