Saturday, December 5, 2009

My Space Goat

This blog is going to focus on the World of Warcraft from the perspective of an average player.

I started playing during The Burning Crusade so I'm not an original player, but I didn't start yesterday. I haven't done enough raiding or arenas to be a jaded elitist, but I don't consider myself a complete n00b.

My original character was a human paladin, but he went to the wayside when I started my draenei shaman named Morkk on the Dalaran server. I leveled in the restoration tree (stop laughing) with my wife, a draenei protection paladin named Mindey.

From the time I started, I knew I wanted to be a healer and, for me, the best way to learn was by using that abilities and talents in fights while leveling. In case no one noticed, the game doesn't offer much in the way of healer training.

So, it took longer to level, but we had fun doing it and I learned enough about healing to prevent my first foray into a high-level dungeon (70 at the time) from being a complete fail.

I geared up a bit and went into Karazhan a couple times with my guild, Stronghold, but raiding lost some of its luster when the Wrath of the Lich King was announced.

With Lich King, we again took our time leveling and I eventually got enough gear to head into Naxxaramas with the guild. Some of them had been in the original instance, so they could offer strategy and other advice. It was all new to me since I skipped over the level 60 raids and I didn't do much at 70.

Between work and family obligations, I don't raid regularly, but I enjoy it when I have the time. I haven't been to the top tier areas, but maybe someday.

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