Thursday, December 10, 2009

Death to the Lich King

Death is the main thing I was hoping to get with the 3.3 patch.

I really want to see the Lich King fall and kudos to Blizzard for helping make this my most anticipated raid.
They did a good job of mixing Arthas into the main storyline in quests and instances and now I actually want to see him get his just deserts.

Leveling up through the Burning Crusade, I didn't really notice that Illidan existed. Sure, I had basic knowledge of him, but he really didn't mean anything to me and I didn't feel compelled to visit the Black Temple. Maybe I was just brain washed by his "You are not prepared" line. Fact is, I wasn't prepared until Lich King came out but now the only reason to go is for an achievement.

But with Arthas, I will be very pleased to see him die. Not just for my main, who had to deal with the Lich King's shenanigans through various quests, but also for the death knight I made when I first purchased the expansion. I really enjoyed that storyline, but it did give me reason to hate Arthas.

Through my DK's rebellion and quests Morkk did while leveling to 80, I learned a lot about the Lich King. He is evil and deserves to die.

My main problem now is gear. I haven't been too interested in high-end raiding, so my gear hasn't kept up. It's fine for Ulduar, but we're talking about the Lich King now. Now, I think I should gotten into higher raids just to be ready. Luckily, I have the 5-man instance to help my gear out (and find another reason to dislike the King, from the sounds of it.)

Similarly, I'm not worried about the gear that Arthas will drop. I just want to see the final stages of his storyline, making this raid important to me.

So why do you want to see Icecrown Citadel? Are you just looking for gear or do you feel he deserves to die?

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