Wednesday, December 9, 2009

No 3.3 patch for me.

Whew, I missed the bullet on this one.

Patch 3.3 came out and I can just imagine the chaos. In my experience from previous patches, patch day pretty much guarantees nothing will get done that day. On previous patches, I usually wait for a day or two before trying to accomplish anything in game. Instances get locked, Dalaran slows down to a single-frame picture and I can't even talk to the auction house staff.

This time, I have an even better excuse. My account is expired so I won't have to deal with the patch day blues. By the time I reactivate, everything should have smoothed out and I will be in good shape.

Granted, I am looking forward to accessing the patch.

The main things I want to see are the death of the Lich King (which won't be for a while anyway) and 20 minute reincarnations. I think the other totem changes for shamen will be nice, but the lower cooldown on reincarnate makes me smile.

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