Monday, May 17, 2010

ICC progress report

Rotface is down.

Our casual guild finally made it through Putricide's other creation.
We didn't have any problems taking down the first four encounters plus Festergut, but Rotface stopped us dead. We gave him half a dozen tries the first night, and about that many more on the second night and we got him down.

Some may complain about the repair bill, but I enjoyed learning, troubleshooting and finally getting the fight down. Since ours is a casual guild, I know that others have accomplished this faster, but for us, this is a great achievement.

After downing him, we decided to take a few shots at his creator, but that didn't go so well. But at least I saw the fight, so I can read up on the strats more and it will mean something.

And just for fun, we decided to take a stab at the Dreamwalker encounter. As a healer, I was pumped for trying this one out, since the encounter calls for the dragon to be healed 6 million hps before completion. That's another fight that I will have to read up on because me and two other healers were only able to get her healed about 1.1 million hps before we wiped.

Obviously we have some more learning to do, but I have to admit I enjoyed fighting our way to the Lich King.

I hope to see him sooner than later.

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