Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sindragosa fight shows promise

Sindragosa fight shows promise

I found myself as the 10th man in a guild run shooting to down Sindragosa. I had read about the fight and watched videos on it, but actually being there is another thing.

For instance, it's easy to know that you have to run out of her Blistering Cold blast radius whenever she sucks you in with Icy Grip, but actually turning around and running out of range fast enough is much more difficult.

We decided to run back onto the stairs after she pulled us, but I have a hard time turning around and hauling my hooves up the stairs. Even with Tuskarr's Vitality, I couldn't get out of the way fast enough. On the last few tries, I started just running to the other side of Sindragosa to get out of the blast radius and then rejoining the group later. Sure, I didn't get to heal much doing all that running, but at least I could stay alive that way.

Other than running from her Blistering Cold, I didn't have many problems with the fight. Staying to the dragon's side always seems like a good idea any time I see one. Hiding behind frozen people reminded me of Sapphiron . While I didn't do that fight often, I had plenty of practice line-of-sighting Forgemaster Garfrost's Permafrost.

The group consistently got to Phase 3, even if I didn't make it that long on the first couple tries, but we couldn't seal the deal.
Even though we didn't make it out of there with phat lootz, I learned a lot about the fight and should be able to best her the next time I'm in there.


  1. Are you mouse-turning or keyboard turning to try to run away from the Blistering Cold?

    Try standing closer to the boss when you know the Icy Grip is coming. The closer you are, the less time it takes to get pulled in and the more time you get to run away.

  2. @Jasyla

    Thanks for the tip. I used my mouse to turn, but I had been standing quite a ways from Sindragosa so maybe that could help.

    Sorry about the very delayed response, but my account subscription ran out and I've been too busy with summer activities to reactivate it.

    But I do appreciate the tips, even though I will have to wait to try again.