Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Downfall of gear scores

With all this talk of gear scores, I've been paying more attention to mine and I'm starting to rebel.

First of all, gear score has never been a good assessment of a player's skill. While his character should be able to do something, that doesn't mean the player behind the mask can accomplish the task.

The gear score also doesn't factor in what items are good for a character, it just looks at a number and assumes players would only wear useful gear.
Yay! Our tank has a 3800 gear score. It would be more impressive if half of it weren't cloth.

So as all these morons run around asking for groups with 5k gear scores, I am left wondering if it would be better to equip useless gear just because it has a higher score and make it easier to group up.

For example, I just picked up [Mudslide Boots], but my gear score went down. I had been wearing [Lightning Grounded Boots], a 226 ilevel item, but my score dropped by 6 points when I equipped the [Mudslide Boots].

Since the new boots are better for me, but the gear score fanatics out there would have me use the old boots.
What's a spacegoat to do?

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