Friday, March 26, 2010

Clearing Trial of the Crusader

Well, the weekly raid quest lured me into Trial of the Crusader for the first time last night. Luckily, I had a guild invite me to the run, so it was a smoother learning curve than would have occurred in a PuG.

Many of the group already understood the mechanics of the fight and could explain/remind those of us whom didn't know what we were doing. As healer, I didn't have to worry about quite as much as if I had been tank.

The Beasts weren't too much of a problem until Icehowl. He seemed fine until he turned his sights on me. I tried to get out of his path, but didn't quite make it before his charge. After his charge killed me, I popped Reincarnation and healed up myself and the tank. A bit later, Icehowl tried to punt me again, but I got out of his way and he was downed shortly after the stun.

Lord Jaraxxus went down without much of a problem and then we moved on to the Faction Champions. We wiped on these guys three times before we got them down. For the last attempt, I tossed on my PvP trinket to get out of Polymorph, but I still spent most of my time wandering around as a sheep as the mage seemed fixated on me.

After stumbling a bit on the PvP fight, we had little trouble with the Twin Val'kyr and Anub'arak. Overall it was a nice run and great learning experience for me.

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