Monday, March 22, 2010

Stepping into Icecrown Citadel

I took my first step into Icecrown Citadel last night and had a blast.
Due to my schedule and lack of desire, it’s been a while since I participated in a raid. Most of my recent experience has been healing heroics to earn badges for newer gear. I also ran a lot of the new 5-man ICC heroics to improve my gear in preparation for heading after the Lich King.
I really enjoyed the story presented in the 5-man instances and was looking to continue that experience while fighting my way to Arthas.
Right from first pull, I could feel the difference and quickly realized I was going to have to up my game to heal in Icecrown.
I had done some reading on the raid, but it’s is completely different when you are actually there. Luckily, I had the Deadly Boss Mods addon to help remind me of things, such as to stop casting when Deafening Roar was cast.
We steadily cleared the trash in the area and found ourselves facing Lord Marrowgar. I think most of the group had seen the skeletal beastie before, but this was my first time. After a few wipes, I figured out how to get away from his Bone Storm and could survive the encounter, leading to downing the boss.
After that, we took a couple stabs at Lady Deathwhisper but couldn’t down her.
Overall, it was a fun experience and I look forward to trying again.

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