Friday, March 12, 2010

Clear out cloth before 3.3.3

As the title suggests, I'm getting rid of most of my [Moonshroud], [Spellweave] and [Ebonweave] before the next patch.

When 3.3.3 hits, the cooldown and location restrictions for the cloths will be lifted, making it easier for crafters to make and causing the price to drop. Depending on your server's current prices, it may be wise to liquidate these before the patch.

On my server, the prices have steadily decreased since the release of the incoming patch notes, but they are still about 20-40g more than the cost for materials. As the patch hits, you can expect this profit margin to drop closer to the material costs.

At the same time, we'll see a drop in the prices for epic items made from the cloths, though the ilevel 264 craftables will still fetch a high price given the cost of [Primordial Saronite].

I've also been toying with the idea of crafting a bunch of [Glacial Bag], but given the expected drop in material prices that may not be a wise investment. It's debatable how the pending 7-day cooldown on the bags will balance with the decreased material cost.

I'm leaning toward ignoring the market because I don't have a tailor who is exalted with the Sons of Hodir, but I've heard others are making a slew of them before the patch.

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