Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dread Pirate Ring ripped from my hands

Staring at the coveted [Dread Pirate Ring], I couldn't believe I lost it. No matter how many times I clicked Continue, I couldn't trade my [Blacktip Shark] for the ring. I was half a second away from winning the Kulu'ak Fishing Derby Saturday and if I could click faster, it would have been mine.

Fishing in the Sholazar Basin, I had nearly given up on finding the shark this week. It had been around 5-10 minutes and I knew a winner would be announced soon, just as in the last three weeks I've attempted the derby. Then I did a double-take and when the [Blacktip Shark] came across my screen.

I didn't bother opening my bags to double check, I just hit my Astral Recall (which takes 7.89 seconds thanks to my haste rating).

I arrived in Dalaran quickly because I had already lowered the quality of my video and disabled all my addons for the tournament. Out the inn door and running, I didn't see anyone near Elder Clearwater. I click through the first dialog box and try to click through the second, but it stops me. I didn't choose a reward!

For the bonus 5 percent experience and "The Princess Bride" references, I only wanted one item - [Dread Pirate Ring].

Moving my mouse back up to choose the ring, I couldn't believe it when Elder Clearwater announced the winner, using the name of some Horde character who wasn't around when I arrived.

I tried several times to complete the quest, but it wouldn't work. In the end, I had to settle for a [Bag of Fishing Treasures].

Though not much of a consolation prize, at least I picked up a [Strand Crawler].

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